happy new year folks!

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A Fresh Perspective

Happy New Year!

Perhaps the greatest part of the new year celebration is our combined desire for personal improvement. You know what I mean… everyone has that renewed feeling that they are able to reinvent themselves. We make resolutions (some people who consider themselves witty resolve to not make any resolutions). But there is this collective feeling that we can each make our lives a little better this year than the last.

It’s this desire that helps me feel as though 2016 really will be the best year yet.

New Start

In writing this post, I was about to give advice to forget who you think you are, and to reinvent yourself. I even came up with a hypothetical story about when your computer crashed and you had to start your project over and how it probably turned out better the second time.

That seemed hypocritical, so I deleted my post. Although deleting my post was purposeful, the fact that I restarted from nothing helped me reaffirm the value of a new start.

You have probably heard of the mythical phoenix; in case you haven’t, the phoenix is a bird that would live its life only to combust in flames and rise again from its former selves’ ashes.

Resolutions are great and all, but what’s a new start if you’re only adding to the laundry list of things you’re already doing? We should each (metaphorically) burst into flames, leaving behind what we no longer need and only picking up the essentials to make our life better.

What’s Your Baggage?

I challenge you to pursue great resolutions that you desire to commence. But maybe now is also a good time to reevaluate what things you’re doing that aren’t really that necessary. Let go of some baggage and start your trip through this year with only the things you really want to bring.

What are those things? Share them below in the comments.

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