I'm sorry you are missing out on a picture of this handsome guy.
Brett in front of the Petra Treasury
Standing in front of the Holy City, Jerusalem

Who am I

Jay Brett Jenkins here. I usually just go by Brett, but either way is fine by me. I was born in Bethlehem… the one in Pennsylvania, not the one in the Holy Land, although I have been to that Bethlehem too.

I am currently in a graduate program studying business administration (MBA) and information systems (MSIS). My bachelor’s degree was also in business with an emphasis on visual media. I love colors, design, and style.

The website is a portfolio to showcase a few of my visual design skills. What you see is based in WordPress using a customized Elegant Themes theme, but the content is my own.

Some of the images used on posts and pages are open license images from Unsplash.com.