I'm sorry you are missing out on a picture of this handsome guy.

Brett in front of the Petra Treasury

Standing in front of the Holy City, Jerusalem

Who am I

Hi! Jay Brett Jenkins here. I usually just go by Brett, but either way is fine by me. I was born in Bethlehem… the one in Pennsylvania, not the one in the Holy Land, although I have been to that Bethlehem too.


My summer in the Holy Land was exceptional. Sure it came with difficulties. We studied hard for our grades; but we also got to see a beautiful region of the world. I have incorporated this study abroad program into my life by continuing to study Islam and Judaism.


I recently graduated in business management with a focus on marketing and visual media. I love colors, design, and style.


The purpose of this website is to act as a portfolio to showcase a few of my visual media skills. What you see is based in WordPress, and an Elegant Themes, but the content is my own.


Some of the images used on posts and pages are open license images from Unsplash.com.