60+ things to do near rexburg

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60+ things to do near rexburg

Fun Activities Near Rexburg

From campus activities to date ideas, here are 60+ ideas of fun things to do in Rexburg. I loved going to BYU-Idaho, but when the homework was done, I wanted to get out of the apartment and be active. (more…)

books and cheesecake

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Breakfast this morning was bacon. It set up the rest of my day. I knew from that point on, it was going to be a great day. How could it not be with bacon as the starter?

As the bacon was popping and splattering all over my newly cleaned stove top, I decided to call my friend Kaylie.

“Kaylie, do you remember that bucket list of things you want to do in Rexburg? Have you gone to that little bookstore on main street yet?” I asked.

“No, I haven’t, I still want to though.”

“Perfect, we have todays adventure.” I respond.


Low and behold, after running a block away to this quaint little store and almost getting hit by an eager car wanting to take a quick turn at the light, the store was closed. I will go ahead and add that I did not have my jacket since it was air drying so that it would not bunch up like they always tend to do when you dry them in the dryer.

But I will go ahead and relieve your stress now. As we were reading the sign on the door of the little “Book Nook,” that explained why this quaint little store was closed, the owner came and opened the door.

Not only was this a nice break from the cold, but the store was awesome. It had a great collection of old and new books from Tolstoy to Time’s Picture Atlas of the World. I was enthralled by a book all about “Ol’ Frankie Blue Eyes” Sinatra. Kaylie bought a book about detectives and mysteries.

Other friends joined in on the fun as well. Kailie, not Kaylie, was drooling over a Mandarin workbook for $3. She didn’t end up getting it.

What a trip. I can’t believe I had never been there since it was only a block away.

Back at my apartment I was inspired by a can of raspberry filling to make a raspberry cheesecake. As I write this it is cooking in the oven. This got me wondering what the difference is of a New York style cheesecake and a regular unflavored cheesecake. I wish that I could be paid to cook desserts.

I won’t bore you with what I learned about the specifics of New York cheesecake, but you might want to educate yourself sometime.

I hope the cheesecake turns out. What an adventure today has been already.