60+ things to do near rexburg

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Fun Activities Near Rexburg

From campus activities to date ideas, here are 60+ ideas of fun things to do in Rexburg. I loved going to BYU-Idaho, but when the homework was done, I wanted to get out of the apartment and be active.

  1. Hike “R” Mountain
  2. Explore the St. Anthony Sand Dunes “the dunes” in any season. (Head North on the same street as Walmart, and keep going until you reach the sand. You’ll think you are going the wrong way before you actually get there.)
    1. Build a bonfire and bring a guitar if you go at night. Make sure to check for sings that your fire is on the correct side of the road, or you will get ticketed.
  3. Go swimming at Rigby Lake (Summer only)
  4. Go rollerblading/biking the Greenbelt in Idaho Falls (that’s the path right by the IF temple)
  5. Visit Bear World on Highway 20
  6. Try Skiing or snowboarding at Kelly Canyon or Grand Targhee
  7. Get fit and go hike the Tetons
  8. Eat a BIG burger at Big Judd’s (1 lb.) or the heifer, a very large ice cream Sundae (this is a very local thing to do)
  9. Participate in intramural sports
  10. Take advantage of on campus events (cheap or free and within walking distance)
  11. Explore the Ice Caves or Civil Defense Caves. Make sure to wear tennis shoes, bring a jacket and a flashlight! Bring glow in the dark necklaces/bracelets to splash color on the Civil Defense walls. Also, bring some snacks in case you get lost. (they are closed part of the year, so check first)
  12. Befriend a “local” student and go 4-wheeling. (The “locals” know all the fun stuff to do!)
  13. Go swimming at Green Canyon (hot and cold pools)
  14. Play at Squealers in Rigby
  15. Check out Heise Hot Springs – swimming, mini golf, or regular golfing
  16. Go to the Drive-In movies during the summer (No smooching! Make sure it’s a GROUP date!)
  17. Cool your friends off water ballooning
  18. Bowling (Fat Cats, or in the MC 1st floor)
  19. Buy a couple big blocks of ice, grab a towel and go Ice-blocking at Smith Park
  20. Make tinfoil dinners and cook them on the fire
  21. Build a campfire at Beaver Dick Park
  22. Go to Fat Cats and watch a movie
  23. Make music videos with your friends (lip syncing works too)
  24. Play Night Games or Hide and Seek in the campus buildings
  25. Cook with your roommates and invite FHE siblings over
  26. Get lost in the corn mazes in the fall
  27. Go Fishing
  28. When you are married and can sleep off campus, go camping
  29. Swim or float in a tube down the river/canal
  30. Ride on the bike paths
  31. Perform ordinances at the temple in Rexburg or Idaho Falls
  32. Throw a frisbee around at the one of the parks (Smith/Porter)
  33. Fly a kite
  34. Buy a ball from Wal-Mart and play Kick ball
  35. Play Wiffle Ball
  36. Go to Jenny’s Lake. You can hike around the lake or take the boat. It’s so beautiful.
  37. Take a road trip with room-mates to SLC for General Conference
  38. Go country/Latin dancing on campus. (If you don’t know how, go an hour early and you will learn.)
  39. Drive, hike, snow shoe, or cross country ski to Mesa Falls (Rent snow shoes and skis from the student rec center)
  40. Kayak down Henry’s Fork (Through the student rec center)
  41. Grand Teton Mall in Idaho Falls
  42. Swim at Monkey Rock in the summer or build a campfire there in the fall
  43. Jump off the bridge into the river at Fun Farm bridge in St.Anthony
  44. Hike down into Bear Gulch (or sled in the winter)
  45. Watch a movie at the cheap theater on Tuesday nights – free popcorn.
  46. Feed the ducks/bike/roller-blade/walk, etc… at the nature park (or Greenbelt in Idaho Falls)
  47. Go horseback riding out at the livestock center (have to purchase tickets)
  48. Rent a RedBox
  49. Go kart down in Idaho Falls (by Edwards theaters)
  50. Drive to West Yellowstone – go through the park and visit the Play Mill Theater
  51. Ice Skate at Squeelers in the winter
  52. Sledding down the hill by the softball diamonds on campus in the winter
  53. Haircuts at any of the 3 beauty schools for CHEAP
  54. Shop at the Farmers Market every Friday night of summer/fall right off Main street
  55. Tauphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls (smallish zoo)
  56. Check out artwork on display in the Spori Building
  57. Campus ropes course up by the temple
  58. Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot
  59. Craters of the Moon
  60. Tour Television Museum Rigby
  61. Visit Teton Dam Museum

Special thanks to my sister-in-law for helping compile this list. Thank you Cecily.


Got Another Idea

If you have any other ideas, leave them in the comments to be added to the list.

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