BrettJenkins argyle pattern for style guide book

redesign labels & vectors

Label Progress

I was able to make some really good headway this week. Since my cans came in I was able to get the dimensions perfect and print out some test labels. I will need to reprint them since when using the die cutter I didn’t center the top and bottom labels correctly. This is to be printed on a brown paper with some texture in it.

Here is what I have so far.

Brett Jenkins label redesign print layout

Style Guide Design

I have also been working on the book design a bit. I am leaning towards a light argyle for the design of it all. Here is the argyle design with the colors I am thinking of now.

BrettJenkins argyle pattern for style guide book

I might make the grays more black rather than the blue hue since the paper of the label is brown. I think fewer colors is better.


Updated Timeline:

Feb 21 (Sat) – Planning post
Feb 23 (Mon) – Work on style guide, branding, design, layout, and logo
Feb 25 (Wed) – Mid-week update
Feb 28 (Sat) – Weekly blog post
Mar 2 (Mon) – Finish label
Mar 4 (Wed) – Mid-week update
Mar 7 (Sat) – Product Packaging Completed
Mar 9 (Mon) – Product Photography Completed
Mar 11 (Wed) – Mid-week update
Mar 12 (Thur) – Bring package to class to get critiqued. Work on photography, and ads.
Mar 14 (Sat) – Make any changes needed. Weekly blog post
Mar 16 (Mon) – Advertisement Completed
Mar 18(Wed) – Mid week update & Design Product Book and Plan Presentation
Mar 21 (Sat) – Final redesign and video due

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