Brett Jenkins redesign of the Grants Golden Brand Pomade label

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New Pomade Package

I am going to be rebranding a pomade product for the Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade company. Their product seem to be a good idea, but their execution could use some improvement. They are going for a classy pomade from ages past, but their packaging does not state this.

I want to make the package itself a tin can. This would already start to make it more old school. I don’t want anything on the top of the can, but rather around the edge of the can. I am going to make a very simplistic design with the name of the brand and product to give it a hipster feel. To keep the general look of the package looking clean I am going to put the ingredients and bar code on a sticker on the bottom of the can so that it is out of sight, but still present.

Here is my idea for the label that I want to do on the can.

Brett Jenkins redesign of the Grants Golden Brand Pomade label

I am considering doing some kind of illustration on it to give it an even more hipster feel. I don’t know if this would take away from the simple design that I really want to push, but I will test this out and see if it takes away from the design too much.

The Style Guide

The font being used for the brand name is Dubiel Plain Regular. This font really matches the era that the brand is focusing on, and will appeal to the target market since it is a cross between vintage, and modern. The font on the sub-caption, or product name is Disco Regular. This sans serif font matches well with the modern Dubiel font of the brand.

Sans serif fonts are very popular, and any additional copy on the label will also be written in this font in a different size. The sub-caption is to be the same width as the brand name.

Color: I am still trying to figure out what other colors I might want to incorporate. I am leaning towards just using black (CMYK – 75, 69, 65, 88; RGB – 4,2,5; Pantone – PMS Black 2 – 2x; HEX – #040205), for all of the writing, but the label is to be printed on preferably an off white paper (CMYK – 16,11,40,0; RGB – 215, 211, 164; Pantone – PMS 5855; HEX – #d7d3a4).

Updated Timeline:

Feb 21 (Sat) – Planning post
Feb 23 (Mon) – Work on style guide, branding, design, layout, and logo
Feb 25 (Wed) – Mid-week update
Feb 28 (Sat) – Weekly blog post
Mar 2 (Mon) – Finish label
Mar 4 (Wed) – Mid-week update
Mar 7 (Sat) – Product Packaging Completed
Mar 9 (Mon) – Product Photography Completed
Mar 11 (Wed) – Mid-week update
Mar 12 (Thur) – Bring package to class to get critiqued. Work on photography, and ads.
Mar 14 (Sat) – Make any changes needed. Weekly blog post
Mar 16 (Mon) – Advertisement Completed
Mar 18(Wed) – Mid week update & Design Product Book and Plan Presentation
Mar 21 (Sat) – Final redesign and video due

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