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Want Better SEO?

Look into Google’s “Webmaster Academy” to get better results on your webpage.

The guidelines are very important to get Google to put your website on their search results. If you are not following the guidelines you can get lower in the search results on Google, or even get cut from the search results altogether.

  1. When you have completed your website, you can request that it is reviewed by Google by going to
  2. Make and submit a sitemap of your website that you are wanting indexed.
  3. Let the sites that link to your page know you are online


Tips for Design and Content

  • Have a great, and beautiful site
  • Explain the purpose of your site
  • Explain your pictures with the alt. text
  • Pages need to be linked to by at least 1 static link
  • Submit a sitemap with the links to your important pages
  • Use your target market’s common keywords in your site, but not too much


Tech Guidelines

  • Let the GoogleBots crawl your CSS and JavaScript
  • Turn off the session IDs when the bots crawl it
  • Use the If-Modified-Since HTTP header to let Google know if you have changed your website since they crawled it last
  • Use your robot.txt file to also let Google know what pages it should crawl and which it shouldn’t
  • If you use a content management system such as WordPress, make sure your CMS makes your pages crawlable
  • Make your page load quickly
  • (there are tools made by Google that let you optimize the tech aspect of your site)


Quality Guidelines

  • Don’t try to find loopholes to what Google doesn’t allow, just because they don’t specify they don’t like it, there could still be negative repercussions
  • Just make a quality website that people will want to go to
    • don’t structure your site for Google, but for the user
    • don’t lie, be clear about your purpose
    • ask yourself if your actions would help the users
    • play up your unique value proposition
  • Avoid
    • computer generated content
    • fake linking
    • making pages with no original content
    • having hidden text
    • being an affiliate without adding value
    • using irrelevant keywords
    • (if you have abused these rules and you get blocked, you can get unblocked again)

(This info was taken from Google itself. To learn more about it, read the original page at

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