Blue VW Bus

VW Bus

VW will always be a company I love. Especially these classic cars.

Here’s a shot I captured and edited. Summary of edits using Adobe Photoshop: first some brightness was added, as a result of adding brightness some contrast was lost. To reverse this I added contrast back in. I like the urban grunge look it achieved.

The patina on the front bumper and the reflection of the trees in the windshield just make this photo great.

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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

I love taking photos. It really helps to point out all of the beautiful things in this life. It’s a way to capture the happy moments that you don’t want to forget and helps me be grateful for beautiful things all around us.

I know the Golden Gate Bridge is often photographed, but I really like this perspective. Often the view is from the side, yet I feel this perspective makes the bridge seem larger and more powerful.


There are things others don’t often see as beautiful that really are beautiful.

This was shot taken on a bridge when my friend started climbing it. I was planning a lot of other pictures at this location, but this one was just out of the blue, yet I really love it.

Oh Jerusalem, the Holy City

Jerusalem at Night

I got to study in Jerusalem during college. This shot was taken from the campus of the university where I was studying. It’s a view of the old city and East Jerusalem, primarily inhabited by the Muslim community. The unfocused blur of the lights gives a very fun look to this shot, this is probably why I like it so much.

Rexburg sidewalk

Curb Your Blues

I love urban shots, they are just so cool. There is a great impact to changing perspective and adjusting the focus to only be shallow and on a part of the image you wouldn’t normally focus on.

Horse Hair

The textures from the dust on the leather to the horsehair, to the decorative beads, really add a lot of visceral appeal to this image.

The Treasury in Petra | Peeking Through the Rocks by Brett Jenkins

The Treasury in Petra

By this point, you might be able to tell that I really like to find a perspective that doesn’t look like every other photo of well-photographed locations. This is another example of that.

The Treasury in Petra is iconic. But until I visited myself, I didn’t realize that the Treasury sits right at the end of a slot canyon. This was my first glimpse of the amazing building as I exited the canyon.