I plan on displaying this picture in a gallery so I made some edits to improve upon the original. The first picture was a little dark so I made some quick and easy edits in Adobe Photoshop. This photo was taken in Rexburg, Idaho in an apartment complex parking lot. I’m glad they parked by

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Airbrush, Teeth Whitening, and Spot Healing Tools Before… After… Only a few edits were applied to this picture. Since here eyes were a little dark I selected them and added more lightness. I used the blemish tool a little on the face, and the airbrush to add a little more smoothness to the skin. After

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Dabbling in portraiture was much more difficult than I anticipated. And for whatever reason the creative energies of the world were not on my side as I tried to get creative shots. I was able to get a few good shots in, hope you enjoy…   Individual – Side Composition:  This girl was already sitting here

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