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The inspiration

What do you think of when you hear the word pomade? If you know what it is, you probably think of a well groomed guy. Maybe a side slick, or a slick back hairstyle. So why do so many pomade packages have such ugly designs to them when the people who use them have such good style?

Ok, not all of them have bad designs, but let’s take a middle of the road example, Imperial pomade. Here is the packaging…

Imperial classic pomade

This is really not all that bad. Good white space, and a nice font. But there is just so much wording on it. It doesn’t tell me what type of person uses this product. I am going to be shooting for this simplistic design (but more so), with a different brand of pomade that has a few other issues with it…

Grants golden brand pomade

New brand

Grants. What a great name for pomade, what a strange packaging design to go with. First of all I do not understand the reason the package is blue, the font is alright, but doesn’t really match the shape that it is in. I think it can be really improved upon.

It might surprise you that the packaging was redesigned by the company in 2014. Yet if anything I think they took a step backwards. They are trying to evoke the idea of the “gentleman of the bygone era.” I think they totally miss the mark in that regard. They also make it a point not to target any segment of the market. This means that they will only get a sampling of people from all different markets rather than a large market share of one specific segment.

History and plan

Grants is based in the Pacific Northwest, that make a water based pomade. They launched in 2009 with the motto “style is everything.” Because of launching in the middle of the recession, the company started reaching out to barber shops personally. They wanted to get their inexpensive product into the shops where men could use it, and then fall in love with it.

The first change I would make would be to recognize that we want to target the hipster segment. This segment of the market is perfect because it is trending right now, and since it already has this association with a vintage, old style, traditional feel. The logo would have to be changed in order to make it less modern feeling. And the packaging itself would have to be dropped. Like in times gone by, the packaging should come in a tin can. We could print the label on a rough papery label. I would also like to see Grant associated with a specific persona rather than a generic name.

To increase sales, but to not kill our marketing budget or our original marketing plan, we would reach out to more than just barber shops. We are going to sell our products where the hipsters shop for clothes. This is all possible because we have a target market now.

Check out the pins that inspired me… click the image below.

Brett Jenkins Pinterest Product Redesign Board


Feb 21 (Sat) – Planning post
Feb 23 (Mon) – Work on style guide, branding, design, layout, and logo
Feb 25 (Wed) – Mid-week update
Feb 28 (Sat) – Weekly blog post
Mar 2 (Mon) – Finish label
Mar 4 (Wed) – Mid-week update
Mar 7 (Sat) – Product Packaging Completed
Mar 9 (Mon) – Product Photography Completed
Mar 11 (Wed) – Mid-week update
Mar 12 (Thur) – Bring package to class to get critiqued. Work on photography, and ads.
Mar 14 (Sat) – Make any changes needed. Weekly blog post
Mar 16 (Mon) – Advertisement Completed
Mar 18(Wed) – Mid week update & Design Product Book and Plan Presentation
Mar 21 (Sat) – Final redesign and video due


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