search engine optimization (seo) intro

The first key to SEO is… drum roll please… CONTENT.
That’s right, the phrase, “Content is king” is never more true than on your website when you are trying to create value.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines (I don’t know why anyone else would try to make another one) rate the content of a page to see how relevant and helpful your page is. Without content, and helpful, unique, accessible content at that, your page does not deserve to be on the top of a search engines search.

There are some additional things that you need to do in order to play according to the rules of the game (thanks to Search Engine Land for compliling this list. Find out more here

  • Put relevant words in your content. (e.x. If you are selling shoes, you should talk about shoes on your website. If “shoes” is not on your site, you will not seem as relevant.)
  • Page title is also important. A page title tells a lot about a page, if it doesn’t sound like it is talking about the content on the page it will rank poorly.
  • Other websites linking to your site tells a lot about what others think about your site. The more the better. You are not the first one to think that you can put your own link on others sites and get better ranking that way. Search engines have an algorithm to reduce the effect of these fake links.
  • Words linking to your page help search engines know if there is consensus as to what your website does. You will probably have little control over this, but what you can control is making your website have a clear message.
  • Reputation is important. Along with making great content, you should do it consistently so that you look like you are adding value. The rate of increased links to your site are also used to gauge how reputable a website is.

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