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This weeks progress

Soon will be that day that we know the answer to the age old question of whether Spotify is better than Pandora or not? At least that is kind of the reason for the survey that I sent out. I have 41 complete responses. Does this make me super confident in my data? I cannot be 95% sure that this response will give me accurate data, but the bigger issue is the bias of my sample; BYUI students are all pretty much the same. (I wonder if I struck a nerve with that statement!)

I have not gotten any more visuals created this week, but I did get some great ideas for what types of graphics I could make for a music streaming infographic. (If you readers have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.)  A few of the ideas that I got were to make headphones, cds, music notes, and stuff like that.

The research is important because it will help me make graphs of pure data. So exciting!

I made another YouTube video on how to use Spotify, but it has nothing to do with this weeks project. If you want to learn more on how to use Spotify watch this playlist. (Any questions about Spotify? Send them my way in the comments below.)

Updated Timeline:

Jan 23 (Fri) – Choose a subject for the infographic
Jan 26 (Mon) – Write a survey to send to students
Jan 28 (Wed) – Present survey to Br. Bergstrom for approval
Jan 30 (Fri) – Send out survey
Feb 2 (Mon) – Remind students to take survey
Feb 5 (Thur) – Collect additional data
Feb 10 (Tue) – Begin designing infographic
Feb 13 (Fri) – Refine the design
Feb 17 (Tue) – Make all needed revisions to data/design. Finish infographic.
Feb 19 (Thur) – Post my infographic in blog post.
Feb 20 (Fri) – Day needed if I fall behind.
Feb 21 (Sat) – Enjoy being done!

Feature image comes from this site. It is NOT my creation!

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