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infographic lovin’

What’s this lovin’ about?

Oh the beloved infographic. This week was all about getting information on the infographic that I are creating on Spotify and Pandora.

I created a tentative list of questions to ask in a survey that I want to send to students at BYUI. I need to get the approval though the professor that allows students to perform research on campus. I sent an email to him last semester that I meant no harm in, but according to his response, I think he took it as a personal attack. Hopefully this does not limit my ability to get my survey approved.

If that all falls through I have also compiled some data that I can use as well. Some of the data includes: how many tracks Pandora and Spotify have, the number of users each company has, and how much they pay out to labels (the companies that actually own the rights to the song… the artists don’t get everything).

So I actually started writing the survey in Qualtrics. When (and if) it is approved, I will just make a few additions to the logic of the questions and send it off. My hands are tied in sending it to a sample of students until it is approved. I need this data so that I will be able to come up with a chart or something for the infographic.


Here are some of the sketches that others made in class the other day. These are to act as inspiration for what I can do on this project.


Updated Timeline:

Jan 23 (Fri) – Choose a subject for the infographic
Jan 26 (Mon) – Write a survey to send to students
Jan 28 (Wed) – Present survey to Br. Bergstrom for approval
Jan 30 (Fri) – Send out survey
Feb 2 (Mon) – Remind students to take survey
Feb 5 (Thur) – Collect additional data
Feb 10 (Tue) – Begin designing infographic
Feb 13 (Fri) – Refine the design
Feb 17 (Tue) – Make all needed revisions to data/design. Finish infographic.
Feb 19 (Thur) – Post my infographic in blog post.
Feb 20 (Fri) – Day needed if I fall behind.
Feb 21 (Sat) – Enjoy being done!

Feature image comes from this site. It is NOT my creation!

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