Tin can picture

i got the can’s

Guess what!

My tin can’s that I am using for my product redesign finally came. I am not going to be stuck with a plastic canister. The tins are a lot more aesthetically pleasing, and fitting for the target that we are shooting for. The best part about it is that these cans bought in bulk only cost $0.65.

Tin can picture


More product labels

I have also been working on a label for the top and bottom of the can. I was considering not putting labels on the top, but I figured that it would be a silly mistake to forgo such valuable real estate on the can and in the store.

I am still going to keep it pretty simplistic. The bottom label is going to get the bar code so that it will be out of sight. I am going to repeat the logo on the main label so that no matter what way it is turned it will still portray the brand name.

Let me know what you think about what I have so far.

Main label:

Grant's product redesign for the main circumfrence label

Top Label:

Grant's Top label

Bottom label:

Grant's bottom label

Updated Timeline:

Feb 21 (Sat) – Planning post
Feb 23 (Mon) – Work on style guide, branding, design, layout, and logo
Feb 25 (Wed) – Mid-week update
Feb 28 (Sat) – Weekly blog post
Mar 2 (Mon) – Finish label
Mar 4 (Wed) – Mid-week update
Mar 7 (Sat) – Product Packaging Completed
Mar 9 (Mon) – Product Photography Completed
Mar 11 (Wed) – Mid-week update
Mar 12 (Thur) – Bring package to class to get critiqued. Work on photography, and ads.
Mar 14 (Sat) – Make any changes needed. Weekly blog post
Mar 16 (Mon) – Advertisement Completed
Mar 18(Wed) – Mid week update & Design Product Book and Plan Presentation
Mar 21 (Sat) – Final redesign and video due

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